A R T is a Berlin-based communication + brand consultancy for both established and emerging organizations and creatives across art, design and architecture. Specialized in multi-local communication, marketing and positioning strategies, A R T's expertise builds on a rich understanding of the cultural industry.


As the communications landscape is constantly changing, A R T strives to remain at the forefront, creating innovative, customized media campaigns for clients.

+ navigating the media landscape

+ exploring dialogue between art, design, and architecture

+ defining a holistic + strategic approach

+ crafting a coherent brand mission


About Anna Rosa Thomae

Across four continents, for creatives of all descriptions—artists, gallerists, museums, designers, architects, developers and more—Anna Rosa Thomae has crafted brand identities and public relations campaigns that do more than just garner media exposure.

Thomae’s highly specialized training and experience, in public relations, art history, and the art market, give her an insight into her clients’ work rarely available to other communications professionals, and equip her to explain what sets their work apart in language the general public can understand.

 Courtesy of Christian Geisselmann.

Courtesy of Christian Geisselmann.