Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition of acclaimed photographer Robert Polidori, on view from September 8 - October 15, 2016 at 515 W. 27th Street. 

This exhibition will be the first U.S. show to feature Polidori’s “dendritic cities,” a body of work begun in 2007. He appropriates the term “dendritic” from the branching extensions of a cell structure and uses it to describe the auto-constructed cities (as opposed to pre-planned urban developments) that have appeared as a result of industrialism, including Amman, Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro. The exhibition will feature three monumental photographs taken in India, including an expansive mural of a street in Mumbai known locally as “60 Feet Road.”

Dharavi #1, Mumbai, 2008 .

Dharavi #1, Mumbai, 2008.