Peter Trummer with Elisabeth Sinnesberger, Pile City Vienna, Courtesy Peter Trummer Architect, © Peter Trummer/Elisabeth Sinnesberger, 2015.

Peter Trummer with Elisabeth Sinnesberger, Pile City Vienna, Courtesy Peter Trummer Architect, © Peter Trummer/Elisabeth Sinnesberger, 2015.

The exhibition showcases the cultural contribution of Austrian-American architects from early modernism to our contemporary times.

September 2019 - February 2020

The Austrian Cultural Forum New York is pleased to announce Resident Alien, curated by Stephen Phillips and Axel Schmitzberger, an exhibition exploring the cultural contributions of modern to contemporary migrant Austrian-American architects in the midst of their design careers. Opening in September 2019, Resident Alienhighlights the significant impact of Austrian architects on modern, postmodern, deconstructivist, digital, and post- digital design culture over the past century.

These select Austrian architects migrated (for varying lengths of time) to the United States to clarify not only their independent, contemporary, and critical voices but also for professional and academic opportunities. In recognition of the discourses tying them to their history, the show's curators -- architect and historian Stephen Phillips with architect and designer Axel Schmitzberger -- teamed up with architects Julia Körner and Herwig Baumgartner to coordinate this exhibition on Austrian Architects in America.

Resident Alien aims to open up a techno-cultural dialogue between generations and across scales from objects to atmospheres – from domesticity to urbanity and beyond. If during the modernist period immigration from Austria to the United States most directly impacted American architecture, how then has digital globalization since increased dialectical interchanges between our world cultures? Where deglobalization tends to promote revived forms of postmodern critical regionalism, can bi-regional discourses instead support new territories and displacements indicative of new cultural spaces in-between?

About the Austrian Cultural Forum New York:
With its architectural landmark building in Midtown Manhattan, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York is showcasing Austrian contemporary art, music, literature, performance, and academic thought in New York and throughout the United States. In addition to presenting exhibitions in its multi-level gallery space and housing around 10,000 volumes of Austriaca in its library, it hosts over 100 free events per year in its own auditorium and supports at least as many projects at partner institutions across the nation.

About the Architects:
Austrian architects represented in the show include but are not limited to pioneers such as Raimund Abraham, Elizabeth Close, Victor Gruen, Haus-Rucker-Inc., Coop Himmelb(l)au, Hans Hollein, Frederick Kiesler, Friedrich St. Florian, Mark Mack, Richard Neutra, Carl Pruscha, Rudolph Schindler, Joseph Urban, and Liane Zimbler.

Contemporary architects featured include Herwig Baumgartner (B+U), Matias Del Campo and Sandra Manninger (SPAN), Barbara Imhof (Liquifer Systems Group), Christoph Kapeller (CK Architecture), Hubert Klumpner (Urban-Think Tank), Julia Körner (JK Design), Christoph Kumpusch (Forward Slash [/]), Andrea Lenardin (A-L-M Projects), Axel Schmitzberger (domaen), Peter Trummer, and Suzanne Zottl.