Naama Tsabar | Transboundary | July 12 - August 18, 2017 | Paul Kasmin Gallery 

This summer, Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to present Transboundary, the gallery’s first exhibition with the New York-based Naama Tsabar. Known for performances, installations and sculpture informed by aspects of music and nightlife, Tsabar focuses on the often hidden elements and materials that are at play in constructing physically immersive environments. Her practice oscillates between visual arts and music with reconfigurations of guitars, strings, amplifiers, microphones, cables, gaffer tape and speakers. When interacted with, these objects offer compositions that are both visual and sonic.

Transboundary is featured in Blouin Artinfo, ArtDaily and more. 

 Image features detail of Naama Tsabar,  Work On Felt (Variation 15) Black , 2017

Image features detail of Naama Tsabar, Work On Felt (Variation 15) Black, 2017