Focus 2018 | The Armory Show

The Armory Show Announces Focus 2018 Theme, Participating Artists and Galleries

Curator Gabriel Ritter brings together 34 artists, whose work spans from the 1970s to present, around the theme of the body mediated by technology. 

March 7 - 11, 2018 on Piers 92 & 94 in New York City.

The Armory Show today announced the participating artists in the 2018 Focus section, curated by Gabriel Ritter, Curator and Head of Contemporary Art at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia).
Examining the ways in which technology has mediated representation of the physical body and imagined its emancipation in contemporary art, the Focus section brings together 28 galleries presenting 34 artists from 18 countries, whose work spans nearly five decades of artistic practice.
From a variety of intergenerational perspectives, the featured artists broadly question how technology has reimagined the physical body—as avatar, container, prosthesis, shell, surrogate, telepresence, or otherwise—as well its ongoing ramifications for understanding the evolving human condition. 

 Image Credit: Tabita Rezaire at Goodman Gallery.

Image Credit: Tabita Rezaire at Goodman Gallery.